AB 7/S

Inspection and Light Maintenance of Road and Railway Bridges and Viaducts

AB 7/S

Machine for inspection and light maintenance of bridges, viaducts and railways, 7.0m in length, with articulated arm and basket to offer great speed.

Conceived to enable inspection and light maintenance works on road and railway bridges, the units of the “AB” line, of the articulated-boom type with bucket at tip, are designed to offer great speed of maneuver, agility and safe operation.


+AB 7/S
7.0m Length underbridge (A)
7.6m Max. lowering depth underbridge (B)
7.6m Max. raising height overhead (C)
2.5m Max. overcoming of sidewalk (D)
 3.2m Max. overcoming of wind/noise barrier (E)
 - Tilting height of boom b4 (F)
 6.0m  Length of boom b2 (G)
 180°  Rotation turntable t1 (T1)
 180°+90° Rotation turntable t2 (T2)
 250kg Safe working load of platform
 9.85m Overall length of unit
 2.5m  Overall width of unit
 3.8m  Overall height of unit
 14000kg  Total weight of unit

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